X400 – a future with no biocides

The EU-directive (528/2012) regulating the use of biocides in metalworking (cooling and cutting) fluids comes into full effect Jan 2015. This means the use of them will become even more restrictive.

This could lead to many problems for the engineering industry –  both financially and for the work environment. Not only are the fluids expensive to dispose of, microbial contamination of these fluids has been reported in several studies. This is a major concern for the manufacturing industry since this contamination can lead to losses in the intrinsic quality of the cutting fluids. Microbial growth can also result in or lead to the accumulation of toxins and allergens in the fluids, thus posing a health risk for anyone working nearby.
Eco-Clean X400 is proven to effectively clean metalworking fluids without using any additives/compounds that are dangerous to the environment. Your fluid is cleaned with no break in production.

  • Improved work environment - fewer health risks.

  • Eliminates bad smell and Monday morning odours.

  • Proven efficacy – saves energy.

  • Reliable and easy to use.

  • Portable – easy to move between production units.

  • Maintains the cutting fluid’s intrinsic quality.