Eco-Clean X1200

There are a lot of drawbacks with using biocides for cooling and cutting fluids. Bad smell, unhealthy air and last but not least they are very toxic to the environment. The EU takes all these concerns very seriously and tightened the rules for biocide use significantly Jan 1, 2015.

Eco-Clean cleans metalworking fluids fast, effectively and without the use of any chemical additives. Bad odours are eliminated, the work environment radically improved and the fluids last much longer. This is a win/win situation, both financially and environmentally

Eco-Clean is cost-effective and very easy to use. You avoid any breaks in production since it can be used while the machines are running.


Our medium-sized model suited for tank sizes between 400 and 2000 litre. It’s easily wheeled between the machines to treat the next tank/machine.

Treatment time: 2 –10 days depending on the level of contamination.

Number of 90W UV reactors: 1

Flow speed: approx. 1200 litre/hour

Measurements: L 740 mm, W 420 mm,

H 1 290 mm

Weight: 81,5 kg


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