Frequently asked question

How does Eco-Clean work?

Does Eco-Clean eliminate bad odours from the fluids?

How long does it take from when you start using the machine until the bad smell has gone away.

How does the cleaning-process affect the fluids?

How often should I use Eco-Clean?

How do I use Eco-Clean?

How do I get the best results if the tank is stinking and I want to treat it as soon as possible?

Can Eco-Clean be used constantly, even while production is ongoing?

Are any chemicals involved in the process?

Do I need to use any additives (biocides) to treat bad-smelling cutting-fluids?

How long is Eco-Clean’s service-life?

Does treatment with Eco-Clean affect the fluid in any way?

The fluid passes through a number of special reactors illuminated by UV-light. When the fluid is penetrated by the UV-light, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores are eliminated.

Yes. The cellular structure (DNA) of bacteria/viruses/fungal spores is damaged by the UV-light and can no longer reproduce. The bad smell is caused by bacteria and as the microbial load lessens the bad smell will disappear.

This depends on how contaminated the tank is and the volume of fluids to be treated. Normally it takes about 2-5 days before all bad odours have disappeared. If you do not notice any difference in seven days you need exchange the fluids and clean out your tank thoroughly.

There is no negative impact on the fluids. X400 is constructed to use the precise effect needed to kill off the microbial load without negatively affecting the intrinsic quality of the fluids - as is a risk if the UV-effect is not carefully calibrated.

To prevent any problems with the fluids you can use Eco-Clean throughout the working day. As soon as you notice any bad odours you need to start treating the fluids immediately.

Inspect the tank carefully and remove any visible traces of contamination, such as mould or fungi. Place the hoses in position and start the machine. You can stop the treatment as soon as all traces of bad smell is gone.

Check the tank for mould or any other signs of contamination. Scrape this off and remove with a net or some sort of sieve. Place the hoses in position and start the machine keep it running until the bad odours have disappeared.




No, Eco-Clean eliminates the need for any biocides.

To ensure optimal effect you need to service your Eco-Clean (change of light bulbs and other routine checks) every 6000 hours.