About us

SLG AB is an innovative and knowledge-intensive company based outside Löberöd in the South of Sweden. We specialise in custom made laboratory glassware/apparatus and our customers are mostly found in the biotechnology/chemical/pharmaceutical industries and in universities all over the world.

Our highly specialised skills mean we often function as a sounding board for our clients, and as such we have been instrumental in the development of several prototypes and new products.

Eco-Clean X400 is one of these. It all started when we participated in an EU project about the disintegration of used industrial cooling fluids during 2006-2009.

This project led to the question: “Is it possible to clean cooling and cutting fluids without the use of chemicals and still maintain the intrinsic qualities and stability of these fluids?”.

The answer is yes! After almost five years of intense testing, documentation of efficacy and development Eco-Clean X400 is available on the market.

Eco-Clean X400 solves several of the engineering industry’s current problems. Biocides are no longer necessary to eliminate the microbial contamination and maintain the intrinsic quality of cooling and cutting fluids. This is especially important since the EU-directive (528/2012) means even harder rules about the use of biocides from Jan 1, 2015.
Eco-Clean X400 is environmentally friendly, economical, easy to use and has no negative effect on the cooling/cutting fluid. It eliminates microbial contamination, makes the fluid last longer and ensures a working environment free from the toxins and allergens you often get from the aerosoles of rancid cutting fluids and/or the use of biocides. Bad smells, such as the dreaded so-called Monday morning odours are also eliminated.